Texas Commercial Loans / Investments

Pro-Active Lending LLC designs its flexible commercial and investment loans based on your needs.

We recognize that, even in these difficult times when bank loans have become nearly impossible to secure, there are projects which make good financial sense and are viable in the Texas marketplace. Based on our in-house programs and the benefits of long-term relationships with the country’s top private investors, Pro-Active Lending is able to say “Yes!” when the banks say “No!”

Wondering if this lending system is a fit for you?

Nearly 70% of our clientele are hard-working business owners, with good credit and financial standing … just chasing the American dream!  They’ve been through some rough times lately (as almost all of us have!) and are looking for a way to bounce back, but are unable to work their way around the many banking restrictions (like Dodd and Franks and FDIC requirements) in order to get qualified. In fact, Pro-Active often receives referrals from banks and credit unions all across the country—these bankers and credit unions want to help their customers, but restrictions tie up their ability to make loans until the risk level has been lowered.

This is where Pro-Active Lending can step in for you. To us, you are more than a credit score; you are a business owner in need of financing. We listen to your particular situation, and are very often willing to take on the risk that no one else can or will take. Also, because we do not face the same regulations as banks, your loan is processed much more quickly—an absolute necessity when dealing with “time-is-of-the-essence” opportunities.

How about the amount of time allowed to pay back the loan?

Pro-Active Lending builds your Hard- or Soft-Money loan around the timing needed to grow your business to where it needs to be; at that point, the banks can then welcome you back with open arms (after we eliminate/lower the risk)!

We offer private money loans from 6 months up to 30 years, and in some cases fix the whole term. (Note: We do not purchase property, and have no desire to own property…it’s not our business.) Our money is there for you to use to invest in your project and to pay off as soon as you can, allowing us to pass this process on to the next dreamer.

Some of our programs offer No Pre-payment Penalty options, making it easy to pay off the loan early if things turn around faster than planned; another option is the Cash-Out loan, which can allow you to update your property fast and easy. 

Don’t miss the chance to see what Pro-Active Lending LLC can do to help you grow ahead of the competition!  Call right now with your commercial loan idea … we’d love to hear about it and see how Pro-Active Lending can help finance your business dreams!



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