Easy Terms

  • Stated Income / No Tax Returns Needed
  • Fast Close SBA Loans
  • No Income, No Asset Program available up to 80% LTV
  • Fix & Flips Made Fast and Easy

Great Rates

  • Hard & Soft Money Loan Rates as low as 5.99%
  • Private Banking Loan Rates as low as 6.99%
  • Fixed Rates – 30 Year Terms
  • Interest Only Money Available

Specialized Loans

  • Apartment Complex, Church Loans, Strip Centers, Office Building
  • Hotel/Motel, Car Wash, RV Parks, Gas Stations, Assisted Living
  • Ranch/Land Loans, Rehab/Refinance
  • Agricultural and Cattle Farm and Ranch loans etc.
About Us

About Commercial Lending Group

Proactive Commercial Lending Group, LLC was formed back in 2003 by Bruce Myles with the thought that many good, hard working business owners were not getting the Banking Services they needed to survive, maintain and grow their business. This was due to the restrictions on banks (FDIC) or banks not willing to take a chance on their own customers and communities (or Lazy Loan Officers)!!

Call us with any questions.


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Loan Programs

Commercial Loans

Pro-Active Lending commercial loans cover a wide variety of programs and services—from commercial and real estate loans...

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Bridge Loans

More and more Texans are starting to realize that while most of the country is struggling economically, companies are looking for a cheaper..

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Hard Money/Rehab Loans

Needing a loan with quick turn-around? Credit scores blocking your great investment opportunity? Pro-Active Lending LLC...

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Soft Money Loans

Whether you are a broker or a borrower in need of a quick soft Money loan, Pro-Active Lending can help! We live up to our name

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Property Types

RV Parks
Gas Stations
Strip Centers
Retail Office
Medical Buildings
Car Washes
Farm & Ranches
Auto Repair
Restaurant, Bar, And More

Your Texas Commercial Lending Experts

We Service Texas, And Especially The Areas of San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, And Austin!

Purchase / Refinance/ Cash outs!
Up to 80% LTV
Rates from 6.99%
Terms Up from 2-30 Years Terms

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    Bruce was very responsive and thorough during the transaction. Always kept tings moving toward the goal of closing.

    Gary McEnerney

    Mr. Myles was very knowledgeable and professional. He got the money I needed to purchase a ranch. I would definitely work with hm again and recommend him.

    John Orvis

    Finding a good hard money lender in san antonio was not easy - finally, we found hard money lender san antonio - it was great to work with them give them a call!

    Michel Robaina

    Bruce created a miracle, getting me a loan for a building in Tennessee. I tried getting approved with banks and other brokers to no avail. He doesn’t beat around the bush. Great working with him.

    Victor Hugo Torres

    Bruce was very responsive and thorough during the transaction. Always kept tings moving toward the goal of closing.

    Ammie Peterson

    I reached out to Bruce with a very tight closing timeline, and he was able to get the loan funded and kept me updated throughout the process. He was upfront about the fees and loan terms, and those didn't change during the process. Great experience overall, and would highly recommend!

    Harsha Gunatilaka

    Bruce Myles and Proactive Lending Group saved my company. We had a pre-qualified letter from my bank to purchase an investment Condo property. After dealing with the bank for over a month, they deny the load for no valid reason and left us at risk of losing the thousands of dollars we had already paid to close the deal. Bruce Myles was able to get us closed in three weeks with a very low interest rate....WHEN THE BANK SAY NO, BRUCE MYLES AND PROACTIVE LENDING GROUP SAY YES.