Proactive Commercial Lending Group, LLC was formed back in 2003 by Bruce Myles with the thought that many good, hard working business owners were not getting the Banking Services they needed to survive,  maintain and grow their business. This was due to the restrictions on banks (FDIC) or banks not willing to take a chance on their own customers and communities (or Lazy Loan Officers)!!

After working with private investors that were willing to take a chance if their investments were protected and secured, we formed a group of investors and begin awarding the loans that banks could not, or would not make to help both sides of the communities involved, with financing for new business and rehabs, and refinance loans.

We are able to apply more more relaxed credit and property restrictions. We are able to look at the person and the value of their hard work and their property and make decisions that make things happen, and dreams come true. We found that after we took the risk out of the deal, after the property has been rehabbed and stabilized, and after we did all of the hard work, the banks were happy and thankful for the opportunity to refinance at bank rates!

We have formed a network of private investors across this country that make us increasingly better suited and able to help people in over 40 States. Our in-house programs are better than ever and our relationships with banks and commercial lenders are growing nationwide.

Our group looks forward to helping more people obtain their dreams!


Giving Back

Whether its Race For The Cure, the MS 150 Bicycle Race or Big Brothers and Sisters, we at Commercial Lending Group believe in giving back to the community that we are a part of! We participate in a number of charitable events in the San Antonio area.

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