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Like most of the state of Texas, San Antonio was not hit as hard as the rest of the country was by rapid property value decline that we’ve seen happen over the last five years. One reason for this is that we simply never got caught up in the hype as the rest of the country indulged in 30% price increases. During all that hustle and bustle, investors found it very easy to buy property with very little – or even nothing – down, and many did just that. When the market normalized and the reality of the hype became apparent, these investors found themselves in serious trouble.

Pro-Active Lending focuses on Texas and South Texas because that is the safest place for our investor’s money, and that is in line with our goal to protect our investors while providing them with profitable investment opportunities. San Antonio commercial property has held up better during these rough economic times better than any other place in the country, and over the last 5 years, the population has grown in San Antonio more than any other city in Texas. The job market has been healthier as more jobs move to San Antonio from other parts of the country, making it the perfect stable and growing place to invest in.

(And don’t forget about the Spurs!)



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