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Soft Money Loans in San Antonio are some of the best Soft money loans in all of the United States. San Antonio’s very robust and large small business climate thrives on Soft money loans, and small business owners have always found conventional bank financing difficult to obtain, especially during these rough economic times. At Pro-Active Lending – based out of San Antonio – we feel the opposite and like to encourage small business development and growth. We believe that’s what our country needs, and has always needed, to maintain a healthy economy. And in San Antonio investments seem to be a bit more reliable. For instance, San Antonio experienced very little of the housing market turmoil that effected the rest of the country. The reasonable, steady price of homes in this area of Texas make it the perfect location for small business – and even large business – owners to both live and set up shop. Despite being an increasingly popular destination for new jobs and homes, San Antonio still has plenty of room for building and new development. It’s also worth noting that unemployment in San Antonio is much lower than it is in the rest of the country.



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