San Antonio Commercial Real Estate Forecast 2021

Published By: Dennis Handa
Published On: 20th January 2021

The San Antonio commercial real estate market forecast for 2021 Will likely experience a number of changes. Presently, the current set of circumstances favor large retail spaces, such as grocery stores, pharmacy, home improvement, and home goods stores. Additionally, healthcare facilities and shipping facilities alike have done particularly well through the pandemic, and shutdowns. However, other commercial spaces, such as independent small businesses, including independent restaurants, have suffered the most. Although, large restaurant chains have managed to maintain somewhat normalized operations. Read on to learn more about the commercial real estate forecast for San Antonio for 2021.

The San Antonio Texas commercial real estate market forecast for 2021 is predicted by economists and industry experts alike to continue to favor mostly big-box retailers, such as HomeGoods, grocery, home improvement, and similar stores. But, with travel still, uncertain restaurants, hotels, and independent retailers still face a great deal of uncertainty in the new year.

At this juncture, experts believe if the vaccines prove effective, and mitigation measures help to alleviate the overall pandemic threat, nearly all commercial real estate spaces will benefit. Some, of course, will benefit more than others, particularly larger operations that are either regional or national. Another unknown factor at this time is the moratorium on foreclosures and evictions. While these are mostly associated with residential spaces, they also apply to commercial buildings as well.

Overall, the commercial real estate sector in San Antonio should fare better than it did this year, given improved circumstances in the overall economy.

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