Houston Texas Small Business Forecast 2022

Published By: Dennis Handa
Published On: 17th January 2022

The Houston Texas small business forecast for 2022 is currently projected to deliver strong growth, albeit with some unavoidable obstacles. For instance, job growth in the Houston region is poised for one of its best years ever as energy and manufacturing sectors continue to rebound from a short but deep recession, bolster other industries that were devastated by the pandemic. The forecast predicts an increase in total jobs next year with 75,000 added due mainly from these two areas alone (energy sector and manufacturing). But, these aren’t the only elements in play. So, read on to learn more about the Houston Texas small business forecast for 2022

The Houston Texas small business forecast for 2022 will likely bring a few changes. A recent report by a leading economic consulting firm tells us that even with strong growth, Houston will still end next year between 10-20 thousand jobs short of pre-“pandemic” employment levels. But don’t worry! These challenges aren’t going to stop the recovering economy–in fact, they seem more likely to keep it moving along nicely towards recovery status in 2020 or 2021 at least (or maybe sooner).

Houston’s recovery has been sluggish compared to other large metropolitan areas due to its heavy reliance on oil and gas, which until recently struggled with low prices. However, this trend is changing as companies learn how to produce more efficiently without employing as many workers. The region lost about 68% of its work population in the early days of this pandemic, but it has now recouped almost 80%. Overall, Houston is poised to enjoy a strong recovery and a healthy microeconomy well into 2022.

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