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While others might not see it, we understand all about the hard work you put in—your early mornings that flow into late nights. You deserve exceptional service and expert advice. Pro-Active is very selective about the group of lenders / investors it works with—an extensive group of seasoned finance managers and retired bankers. This is all to the benefit of you, our client. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your financial questions to us … we’ll be happy to lend our vast expertise and experiences to any loan decisions you need to make.

SBA Loans

SBA 504 Loan
Pro-Active Lending’s SBA 504 loan program can help finance commercial real estate for owner-occupied properties. The interest rate is fixed and no outside collateral is required; once approved, its long-term, fixed-rates allow small businesses to acquire fixed assets for expansion or modernization. This encompasses options such as buying a building, financing ground-up construction, making building improvements, or purchasing heavy machinery and equipment. A typical 504 Loan structure is 40% SBA + 50% participating lender + 10% borrower.   

SBA 504 Loan
Like 504 loans, Pro-Active’s SBA 7(a) loans offer long repayment terms and low interest rates (though not quite as low as the 504 loan). The difference between SBA 504 loans and SBA 7(a) loans, however, is that 7(a) loans offer much more flexibility. Whereas 504 loans can only be used for fixed asset purposes, you can use SBA 7(a) loans for virtually any business purpose. This includes options such as working capital, purchasing inventory, purchasing equipment, purchasing real estate, renovations, or refinancing. If you are a new business, or are trying to purchase a business, this could be the loan for you.

USDA Business & Industry Loans (USDA B & I Loans)

Pro-Active Lending facilitates loans made under the Business & Industry Guaranteed Loan Program of the United States Department of Agriculture. This Federal loan guarantee program is designed to encourage the commercial financing of rural businesses, and can greatly assist any business which may not qualify for conventional commercial real estate financing. Like SBA 7(a) loans, B & I loans are available through participating lenders. The B & I loan offers lower interest rates, longer repayment terms, and a maximum loan amount of $10 million. 

Commercial Bridge Loans and Private Money Loans

Ideal for the investor needing faster funding or more flexible underwriting, Pro-Active Lending offers its Commercial Bridge and Private Money loan programs. These loans feature short-term or interim financing. Terms, therefore, are usually on the shorter side—between a few months and a year. Collateral is typically used to secure these loans—most often, the real estate you’re purchasing or renovating will serve as collateral on the loan. Due to Pro-Active’s outstanding ten-year relationship with a nationwide lending partner, Commercial Bridge financing is available in all 50 states, and Private Money loans may also be obtained through our large network of carefully-vetted investors.

Residential Bridge Lending

Only available to our Texas customers, Pro-Active’s Residential Bridge Lending programs make Private Money / Bridge financing available for residential properties. Whether purchasing new real estate or making a cash-out refinance, this type of loan is an excellent option if you have sufficient equity within an existing property. Wanting to relocate or just purchase a new home? This loan empowers you to make that attractive cash offer, or to extend a stronger offer not contingent upon the sale of your current home. Because the loan uses the property’s current equity/value as collateral, Pro-Active Lending can offer financing with poor credit acceptable, fast approval, fast funding and no income verification needed — especially beneficial for seniors, retirees, self-employed, and those with significant assets but currently lacking income.

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