Texas Hard Money Loans 2021

Texas hard money loans in 2021 can serve property investors well. In fact, these debt instruments are generally specifically designed to work with commercial property investors and even residential real estate property investors. What’s more, hard money loans in Texas are readily available through a number of sources. Better still, they can even be customized to some degree in order to fit the borrower’s set of circumstances. Read on to learn more about Texas hard money loans and what you need to know.

Texas hard money loans in 2021 will likely enjoy some competitive interest rates, courtesy of the interest rate market. Though most hard money loans do carry a slightly higher interest rate, they are much more flexible and applicable to commercial and residential real estate property investment ventures. For example, short terms can range from just half a year to two years or a bit longer.

What are Hard Money Loans?

Texas hard money loans — like those in other states — serve as an alternative to traditional commercial financing. These can be found in some banks, through private lending networks, and even through private investors. In most cases, hard money loans are made available by a group of investors who pool their money together to lend for a variety of reasons.

How Exactly Do Hard Money Loans Work Anyway?

Hard money loans, which are sometimes called bridging loans, flip loans, or asset-backed loans are an alternative type of financing that are typically used to buy and remodel or rehabilitate commercial and/or residential properties. Hard money loans also differ from traditional financing in their term length. Instead of being 5 to 7 to 10 years, hard money loans generally last between 6 months, to a year, up to 18 months, and two years or more.

Also, hard money loans offer more flexibility, meaning there are factors of the conditions, and terms can be customized to better fit the borrower’s needs. Furthermore, hard money loans offer quick funding. Rather than taking weeks upon weeks or months on end, hard money loan funding can be made available in just a week, sometimes days. That means getting the money very fast, which is often a need for property investors.

As you can clearly see, hard money loans in Texas and beyond are a great alternative to traditional bank loans and have more options for purpose-specific financing.