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Houston Texas Construction Loans

By | Houston Construction Loans, Texas Commercial Loans

Houston Texas construction loans are usually the best way to build a new property or refurbish an existing one. These types of loans are usually available through a variety of sources, including credit unions, regional banks, national Banks, as well as specialty lenders. Better still, construction loans are structured in ways that help specific borrower needs. Read on to learn more about construction loans in Houston Texas and what you need to know.

Houston Texas construction loans are generally made up of four types. However, there are more specialized types of financing, depending on the situation. That being said, two kinds of construction loans are the most common and popular, while two others are for more particular situations. Here’s what you need to know about Houston Texas construction loans:

  1. The construction to permanent loan. This type of loan is probably the most used because it’s the most comprehensive and easiest one. Borrowers finance the construction of a new residence and it finances the building, then becomes a traditional mortgage that can range from 15 to 30 years.
  2. The remodeling or renovation loan. You probably understand what this loan is due to its name. It is for rehabilitating or refurbishing an existing property, in order to make it functional, comfortable, and up to date.
  3. The owner-builder construction loan. This loan requires that the borrower also be a licensed contractor who can perform all or most of the work himself or herself.
  4. The construction only loan. This loan is limited only to financing the building of a residence, and therefore, a mortgage is needed thereafter.

Dallas Texas Construction Loans

By | Dallas Construction Loans, Texas Commercial Loans

Dallas Texas construction loans are readily available from a number of sources and come in a few different forms, in order to fit the needs of different borrowers. When someone is considering building a house or renovating an existing property, they often need to finance the project, because they do not have the cash resources on hand. Fortunately, there are some great financing options available in Dallas Texas for construction of new residences, as well as for remodeling properties. Read on to learn more about construction loans in Dallas Texas.

Dallas Texas construction loans, like other parts of the lone Star State, and even across the nation, are generally offered in one of four different structures or forms. Generally speaking, these are short-term loans, save one, meaning their terms range from 6 months up to a year, but there are more options.

Perhaps the most popular is what’s known as a construction to permanent loan, which finances the construction of a new property and then converts over into an actual mortgage, with terms that last from 10 to 15, up to 30 years.

Another popular choice is the renovation or remodeling loan, which of course, is for existing properties needing some TLC. Borrowers take out a renovation loan in order to fix up a residence and might then move into the house as their primary residence, or rent it out.

There’s another option called a construction only loan, which means exactly what the name states — It finances the construction of a new property but that’s all. Thereafter, the borrower must obtain an entirely new mortgage loan.

Last but not least, is the owner builder loan, which means you must be a licensed and experienced contractor to do the work yourself.

Austin Texas Construction Loans

By | San Antonio Construction Loans, Texas Commercial Loans

Austin Texas construction loans come in a pretty wide variety of structures. These forms of financing are put together in order to fulfill different types of needs. For instance, someone might want to build from scratch on an empty lot, while someone else may find a unique fixer-upper opportunity and want to restore the property. so, read on to learn more about construction loans in Austin Texas, and the types that are available.

Austin Texas construction loans not only come in different varieties, but they are also available through a few sources, including traditional banks, credit unions, and specialty lenders. Here are the most common types of construction loans you’ll find in Austin Texas and beyond:

  1. Construction only loans. As the name clearly states this type of financing is only used to fund the construction of a property but does not include a mortgage, which must be obtained separately after the building is complete.
  2. Construction to permanent loans. For a more comprehensive solution, people go with a construction to permanent loan, which pays for the building of a property and also converts to a traditional mortgage thereafter, with terms that can range from 15 to 30 years.
  3. Renovation or remodeling loans. for borrowers who want to restore or refurbish an existing residence or property, a renovation or remodeling loan is an ideal product.

There’s also another type of financing known as an owner builder loan. However, this type of financing is only available to experience contractors, who can provide proof of their building skills.

San Antonio Construction Loans

By | San Antonio Construction Loans, Texas Commercial Loans

San Antonio construction loans, in different structures and amounts. These debt instrument products are designed in specific ways in order to fit the needs of their borrowers. While some are a little more general-purpose than others, construction loans are often packaged for different needs. Read on to learn more about San Antonio’s construction loans and what to expect.

San Antonio construction loans are available through various lenders, including specialty lenders, traditional banks, and credit unions. Not all lenders will offer the same loan types or the same amounts, but in general, there are four different types of construction loans. Usually, one of these four will be the best fit for a borrower who wants to build or refurbish a residential property. Here are the four most common types of construction loans:

  1. Construction only loan. as the name clearly states, a construction only loan is just that — It funds the financing of the construction of a property. The borrower must then apply for and obtain a mortgage after the property is built.
  2. Owner builder loan. This type of construction loan is also fairly self-explanatory — the borrower/owner does the work for him or herself, but this can’t be just anyone. The borrower/owner must have experience in construction in order to qualify for this type of loan.
  3. Renovation loan. This loan finances the remodeling or refurbishment of an existing property and is not used for new construction.
  4. Construction to permanent loan. This loan is the complete package, paying for the construction of the property and converting it into a traditional mortgage thereafter.